Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Liquid Latex Review

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Anamarie from Bliss Kiss sent me her newest product offering! She has been working on a liquid latex barrier to help with nail art, cuticle removal, and as a peelable base coat! Liquid latex has become all the rage in the nail art community because it makes clean up easy and breezy! Please note that if you’re allergic to latex, you should not use this product as it really does contain latex.


I did this chevron nail art using Simply Peel to help my cleanup! I picked this silver because anything that is shimmery or glittery is really hard to clean up. Shimmer gets everywhere! So this silver polish (OPI This Gown Needs a Crown) would be a good test of this new liquid latex barrier.


Here’s what the product looks like right after it’s first applied. You can easily see where you are applying it.


Ana included glitter in this because then when it’s dry, you still know where the latex is! It dries clear so the glitter is quite handy. You can see in this picture that it’s starting to dry around the edges and the glitter is starting to show. You will want to make sure your fingers don’t touch each other when the latex is on. Latex sticks to latex! After I took this picture, I had to reapply some because when I moved my fingers, the latex pulled off a little! LOL!


And now we’re almost dry!! It becomes completely clear when dry, so it’s a good thing that pretty glitter is in there! At first, I was worried glitter would be left on my skin, but I’m happy to report that the latex takes all the glitter with it when you peel it off.


I put on some chevron stencils and then painted my finger very, very messy. I don’t normally get polish everywhere, but I really wanted to see if this latex held up to the hype!


Peeling off the latex is so much fun that I want to do my nails again – just so I can peel more latex. Remember in elementary school how we would put Elmer’s glue on our skin, let it dry, and then peel it off? Well this is the adult version of that.


As you can see, the latex takes everything with it. This is so awesome. I have a tiny bit of cleanup near my nail that I have to do, but otherwise this is a painless way to get a clean mani!


In this review, I used the latex to assist with clean up but there are at least two other uses! It can be used as a peel-off base coat and it can be used to protect your live skin cells during the cuticle removal process. Did you know that most cuticle removers contain lye which not only destroys dead skin cells (what we want) but live skin cells as well? That means if you get cuticle remover all over your skin, you’re damaging good cells in addition to removing the dead cuticle cells that you want to see gone! So you can put this latex barrier down all the way up to your eponychium (which most people actually think is the cuticle… you can read all about that on theĀ Bliss Kiss website.) That way, the cuticle remover is only removing what you want it to!!! Isn’t that fabulous?

I did not use the latex for my cuticle remover process because…to be honest…I don’t use cuticle remover. The Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil has kept my dear cuticles in such great shape that I don’t think I need to!! I obsessively apply nourishing cuticle oil and gently push them back. That’s all I do! I’m never more than three feet away from some cuticle oil…


Polishes used for this nail art are OPI Mod About You and OPI This Gown Needs a Crown. The chevron stencils are from Vinyl Boutique.



Thanks again to Ana and Bliss Kiss for sending me their new Simply Peel Liquid Latex to review for you!

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