Pink and Purple Stamping

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Who wants to see more stamping??? Well I hope it’s you because you’re on my blog and I publish a crapload of stamping manicures. This week’s prompt for the Crumpet’s 52 week Pick and Mix Challenge is Purple.  This art starts with three coats of L’Oreal Butterfly Kisses. This is a very sheer pink with tiny shimmers in it. I forgot to take a plain swatch photo of this one, but you can still see the color under the stamping. The stamping design is from Pueen plate 79 and the polish is Mundo de Unas Fantasy. I will never stop warning you about the smell of MDU polishes. It smells like acrylic paint. It fades away after the mani is dry and top coated, but while you’re working, it will be very pungent. I’m willing to overcome the smell since the polishes really do stamp like heaven.



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