Finger Paints Endless Wear Review

{Purchased By Me}

I had been seeing Facebook promos from Finger Paints for their new Endless Wear formula these last few weeks and then when I went in to Sally Beauty to celebrate the weekend (per my usual weekly tradition), I saw the Finger Paints Endless Wear display! I decided to get one as a duty to my dear blog readers so you can know what my opinion of this new formula is! The color selection was limited and they was mostly cream finishes with a shimmer here or there. I didn’t officially count, but I think there were about 10-15 colors to choose from. There is also an Endless Wear top coat so I purchased that as well so my review would be as real as possible for the formula.

I picked Finger Paints Be Still My Beatnik He-Art as my color since I love teal polish. There are a lot of pinks and reds in their color selection but I was trying to mix it up a little.


The formula is definitely thicker than standard polish formulas. On the first coat, I did get some dragging and bald spots which made me a little nervous. However, those easily went away on the second coat. This self-leveled quite well and despite my experience with the first coat, I really like this formula.


The top coat seemed to dry relatively quickly. I watched an episode of Friends and then I was able to stamp on top of this for another post I’m working on. I did these nails on a Friday night and decided to forgo doing my nails Saturday afternoon like I usually would. I really wanted to see if this would chip after a day or two of wear. Saturday was a very busy and hard-on-my-nails day. I taught two dog training classes (puppy teeth are killer on polish and nails!!!), cleaned the house, and had guests with their baby over. That’s a lot of hand use! On Sunday, we did our grocery shopping and we walked the dogs before I could change my mani. So let’s see how this held up.


I have a bit of tip wear, especially on the middle two nails. This tip wear is approximately the same as any other polish I would wear for a few days. I think it held up well, but “endless” is probably a bit of an exaggeration. This teal stained my nails a little bit, but I am highly prone to stains from blue polishes. If you’re prone to stains also, then you’ll want to double up your basecoat for this one.


All in all, I liked this polish. I will probably buy more of this line if there are promos at Sally Beauty.

Author: Anne

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