Dollish Polish Valentine’s Day Box

{Purchased by Me}

I’m all about boxes of stuff! When I saw that Dollish Polish was putting out a Valentine’s Day box, I just had to jump on that bandwagon. The box comes with 4 full-sized products – Sugar Scrub, Hand Cream, Cuticle Balm, and Nail polish. I chose the scent “Leather and Lace” but it is also available in “Red Hot Cinnamon” and “Red Velvet Cake”.


This is a 9oz bottle of hand cream – quite a generous amount!


Dollish Polish Seduce Me is the Valentine’s Day polish. It’s a gorgeous red-maroon with stunning shimmer.


This is two coats. I’m always impressed with the Dollish Polish formula. It makes it so easy to get a clean application!



Sugar Scrub in quite a large jar!


Cuticle Balm – this is creamy and feels very good going on.


I really wanted to get the cinnamon scent but I thought that I should break out of my comfort zone and get a scent I wouldn’t normally try. So I ended up with Leather and Lace. I’m really sorry to report that I can’t stand the smell. It’s really not for me and I should have gone with cinnamon like I originally wanted. (Damn you comfort-zone and your comfortableness!) To me, it smells like really strong bathroom cleaner. That is not really a smell that I want to walk around with. Although, then it might fool people into thinking I actually clean my bathroom!

Please don’t get me wrong, these products are high quality and I will absolutely be purchasing from Dollish Polish again. But I won’t be adventurous in my scent selection!

Author: Anne

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