Zoya Satin Collection

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Zoya sent me their new Satins collection to show you! This is a set of six satin finish polishes that are perfect for transitioning from Winter to Spring. I didn’t use a top coat in any of these swatches and they are all two coats. I think this is a great transitional collection and these colors are appropriate for winter, but will absolutely be used in many Spring manicures!

Zoya Brittany

Brittany is a fast favorite in this collection. She’s a muted pink that is quite flattering on many skin tones.



Zoya Tove

Tove is a grey blue. Like the sky most days in the Seattle area. These one just needs some storm clouds on top and you’ll know what I see most days!



Zoya Ana

Ana is one of my favorites in this collection. It’s a light peachy pink. It’s the right shade for a nice, neutral mani. I see a lot of women asking on Facebook what a good job interview color would be. This one. Zoya Ana. It’s clean, sophisticated, and classy.





Zoya Sage

Sage is quite aptly named as it does, indeed resemble the color of the plant, sage! This dusty light green will be beautiful as we enter the springtime months!




Zoya Rowan

Rowan is a dusty brown. This reminds me of coffee with cream in it!





Zoya Leah

Leah is a very subtle, muted, dusty purple. This is neutral, yet feminine.






My favorites would have to be Brittany, Ana, and Leah. I can see myself wearing them a lot! What are your favorites?

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