Sunny’s Body Products – Valentine’s Day Box

sunny's-beauty-box-review{Purchased By Me}

I have quickly fallen in love with Sunny’s Beauty Products. I am addicted to trying all her new scents! I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so I always jump on it when her seasonal boxes go live! Today I have the Valentine’s Day box! There are 10 items in the deluxe box, which is what I purchased.

Hand Butter: Lovely in Lace


Sugar Scrub: I’m Too Sexy


Intensive Therapy Oil: Better than Sex Cake


Cuticle Oil: Pheromones


Body Balm: Endless Love


Miracle Balm: Kiss and Tell


Lip Balm: Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Bath Whip: Sheer Seduction – This is a brand new product from Sunny’s. This is actually a cleanser! It was really cool to use in the shower this morning. It starts out almost with a lotion-like consistency, but then it starts to lather up a little. It doesn’t lather as much as a body wash but I like that better. I felt quite clean afterwards! Plus, it smells delightful. I will be buying more of this stuff!


Triple Thick Body Cream: Honeymoon – This is another new product! This is a body lotion. It differs from her other lotions because it’s not as thick. That way, it’s easier to get it to spread all over your arms and legs. I will also be buying more of this!


On the Go Hand Lotion: In the Mood – The third new product in her line! This is on the go hand lotion. The packaging is a squirt bottle instead of a tub and it’s not as thick as the hand butter. I haven’t tried this yet, but I have no doubt that it’s going to be awesome!


I am crazy about all the smells this month. They all smell feminine, crisp, and clean. I highly recommend getting this box!

Author: Anne

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