Watermarble using the Decals Technique

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Another watermarble!! I know, I know, I did one just a week or so ago! I’m crazy and wanted to do another one. I figure the only way to get awesome at them is to do them over and over again. Just like with stamping, things like this take practice! So for today’s watermarble practice, I used three Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Polishes: Petal Pusher, Mint Sprint, and Plummet. I used the decal technique which I described in my post earlier this month. And of course, at the end, I put some China Glaze Fairy Dust on top!


If you’ve been struggling with watermarbling, I recommend reading my how to make watermarble decals post. It totally changed my watermarbling desires! I hated it before, but now I’m kinda enjoying it. I need to practice the making of the design in the cup part, but otherwise, it’s easy and breezy!


One of the keys of watermarbling is having room temperature water. If it’s too cold, then the polish acts like a crazy person.


A lot of polishes are good for WM’s. You’ll want to look for polishes that are nearly one-coaters with a traditional mani. Since you can’t really layer it to make it opaque, you want coverage in one coat. If you’re going to use polishes that are more sheer, you can start with a white base coat before applying the decals. That will help the colors pop.


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