GlitterDaze Daze of the Month Club

{Purchased By Me}

I recently signed up for the GlitterDaze Daze of the Month Club. This was my first month. It’s $15/month and you get a full size limited edition polish and at least one extra goodie. This month, the goodies were a calendar magnet branded with the Glitter Daze logo and a small pack of star studs. The polish is Glitter Daze That’s So Last Light Year. When I first pulled it out of the box, I felt a little “Meh” but once I started putting it on, I quickly fell in love.


I did three coats of this one because it was still a little sheer with two. This reminds me of cookies and cream ice cream! Or those speckled eggs candies that come out in the spring! Aren’t those delightful???


I will continue on the Daze of the Month club because I super love nail polish (duh). I do wish that they sent shipping information. The money was taken out of my account on the 15th and then I never heard anything. On the 26th, I messaged her and she looked at the tracking from her and and told me it was actually being delivered that day, which was true. But part of the fun of online shopping is obsessively tracking packages, right?! At this point, that’s the only thing I wish I could change about the subscription.

Author: Anne

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