Double Stamping Modern Nail Art

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This is the first double stamping mani I’ve done that I wasn’t embarrassed to show you! I started with two coats of Enchanted Polish Paint it Black. This is certainly a high quality black creme but you could use any of your favorite black polishes for this look. Then, I used Sally Hansen Sterling Silver and Titanium Flush which are both from last year’s color foils collection. I used my firm Konad stamper for these ones since that’s the only stamper that I can get to pick up these polishes. The design is from Pueen Plate 77.

Here is a plain swatch of Enchanted Polish Paint it Black. It went on quite smoothly.


And here’s my design! I have some smudging on my pointer finger. I feel like that’s the finger that always gets smudges. I’m going to have to have a firm talking to that finger to see why it’s always misbehaving.


I like how it looks like fun doodles…but in a controlled way. Yes, I was the kid that only colored in the lines!!



I took a picture before I did the double stamping just in case it looked horrid.  Again, you can see my pointed finger is being a jerk.


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