Enchanted Polish Sweet Mint Dupes?

{Purchased By Me}

When I first swatched Enchanted Polish Sweet Mint, it reminded me a lot of China Glaze For Audrey. I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison of the two. As I was going through my polish drawers, I spotted China Glaze At Vase Value which also looked quite similar!

As I put the bottles side-by-side, I could see that my memory might have been playing tricks on me. These remind me of one another, but they don’t even look like dupes in the bottle. They are similar, but certainly not the same. At Vase Value is the full size CG and For Audrey is the mini.


Can you figure out which bottle(s) painted which nail(s)???


If you take out my pinkie, I actually have a pretty perfect ombre effect happening!


And here are the answers!!! Sweet Mint is exactly between the CG colors. As far as formula goes, EP was far and above CG. The CG’s were a little patchy while the EP was smooth as butter on a hot summer day.


Author: Anne

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