Fancy French Tips

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Today’s nail art is a twist on a classic look. I read somewhere that the ‘french’ manicure was actually started in California and the guy called it ‘french’ so that it sounded fancier. He needed a mani that would go well with all costume changes for actresses. If memory serves, I read this in one of the recent issues if Mental Floss magazine. I also read that high heels were originally invented for men so it was easier to ride horses. And then women Bogarted the look. Yay, us!

This french mani starts with two coats of Essence Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend which is from the awesome Aquatix collection. I used Konad White a design from Pueen 75 to stamp on top. One of my goals for 2015 is to do a little more than just stamping for my nail art, so once this dried, I taped off the tips and used OPI Alpine Snow. I think the essence and the OPI are perfect french tip colors and the stamping adds a little flair and uniqueness.



Author: Anne

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