Gradient with Leopard Print Nail Art

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I didn’t mean for this mani to look so much like leopard print. The design in the plate wasn’t supposed to be leopard print, but once it’s on the nails, that’s what it looks like! I started with two coats of Essie No Baggage Please which is a super light pink. Then, I used a makeup sponge to gradient Essie The Girls Are Out on to the tips. Finally, I used Mundo de Unas Taupe and a design from Pueen plate 81 to stamp the design.



I hope you enjoyed my accidental leopard print nail art! I know it was fun to wear, that’s for sure! Plus, these Essie’s didn’t see the light of day at all in 2014. According to my spreadsheet, I hadn’t used either of them since the middle of 2013!! Poor, neglected polishes!!


Author: Anne

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