Sally Hansen Patent Gloss Swatches

{Purchased By Me}

I’ve been gaga about Sally Hansen’s special collections lately so when I saw the Sally Hansen Patent Gloss, I just had to grab some! Sadly, my store only had two colors left – the black and the blue. If I see the other colors, I’m totally going to get them!

Sally Hansen Vinyl Patent Gloss is a dark, rich black. This is with NO topcoat on! It is this shiny and satiny without any topcoat. I think it’s super gorgeous.



Sally Hansen Slick Patent Gloss is a dark, dark blue. Again, this is two coats with no topcoat! The blue did flood my cuticles a bit and it was super hard to try and clean up! So, you’ll want to be careful so you don’t end up with alien cuticles like me! :P



Author: Anne

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