Black and Red Gradient with Stamping

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It’s been a long time since I did a gradient so I thought it was high time to do one! I started with two coats of OPI From A to Pizzazz, which I got at TJ Maxx so I’m pretty sure that’s not the real name. I used OPI Queen of the Road which is from their 2014 Mustang Collection. I used Konad Black to stamp the design from Pueen 74.


I’m starting to get a reputation at work for always having nail art. On Monday, I just had regular polish on (FingerPaints Hey Mr DJ) and it was like I’d let everyone down! LOL! It’s super funny to me. Trying to explain stamping to someone who has no idea what it is completely blows their minds. A lot of people think I freehand these designs. Yeah, I wish! I’ve posted some freehand work on this blog in 2014 and it was not pretty!


Here are a couple pictures of the gradient before I did the stamping. I love how the stamping turned out, but when I’m doing nail art I don’t usually do, I take pictures along the way…just in case I totally jack it up! :)



Here is a plain swatch of OPI From A to Pizzazz. This is a gorgeous dark pink / red color with tiny shimmers in it.


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I think it’s time to feature another one of the pictures my husband took and calls his ‘man nail art’. This is what I come home to on the computer when I leave him home, unsupervised! Has anyone seen that Portlandia episode where she gets her husband a babysitter? That episode cracks my ish up. I really hope that someone else who is reading this post knows what episode I’m talking about!


If you haven’t seen the sketch…here it is! :)

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