Finger Paints Bright Lights Big City Swatches

{Purchased By Me}

I was at Sally Beauty the other day and saw a new Finger Paints collection! This is Finger Paints Big City Big Lights and it’s full of some pretty fun colors! I bought four of the six. The two I didn’t buy were glitter toppers.


Finger Paints What a Night

What a Night is a beautiful gold/purple duochrome. This is two coats. The shift is quite beautiful. I wish the gold shift leaned a little less on the green side, but I still think this is a very pretty color.






Finger Paints Paint the Town Purple

Paint the Town Purple is my least favorite of the collection. I did two coats here, but probably needed three or four or five. My biggest issue is the visible nail line. But, do you know what fixes that really fast? A french mani!!! So in an upcoming post, I have this polish featured with some french tips and it looks really sharp! So make sure you subscribe somehow (Bloglovin, Email, IG, etc) so you don’t miss it! I think it’ll change your mind if you don’t like this one.





Finger Paints Urban Lights

Urban Lights is absolutely my favorite of this collection.  This is a dark blurple with greenish blue shimmers. It is just gorgeous! And very aptly named!!  It totally looks like city lights in the distance twinkling away!





Finger Paints Hey Mr DJ!

Hey Mr DJ! is my second favorite in the collection. It’s a black jelly with silver and multi-colored micro-glitters. This was opaque in two coats! It is fabulous.




I think that Urban Lights is the gotta-have-it in this collection. I think that if it’s in your budget, you could totally get more than that from this collection, though! What do you think? Will you be looking for any of these?

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