Seche Vite from Live Love Polish Review

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I was contacted by Live.Love.Polish to do a review of the Seche Vite Topcoat and one of the Seche nail polishes. I’ve used Seche Vite topcoat for years, but stopped using it more recently. One of the reasons I stopped was that it always seemed to shrink my polish. (That means the polish pulls away from the edges of the nail, especially the tip, so you have this weird exposed nail line.) I jumped at the chance to try SV topcoat with their own polish so I could see if shrinkage was still a problem!

Live.Love.Polish was kind enough to let me pick my own color so I chose Seche Precious which looked like a lovely pink. As it turned out, it was even lovelier than I expected. On their website, it looks like a bubblegum pink creme. But in real life, it actually has a blue flame element to it. Not quite a duochrome but certainly not a boring ol’ creme! This just proves that blogger swatches and reviews are super important, right??? :)

Just to keep things brand-focused, I selected Seche Base from my personal stash. I purchased Base with my own money, but the polish and topcoat were sent to me by Live.Love.Polish.


I ended up needing three coats for full opacity with this one. For some reason, two wasn’t cutting it. When I still had two coats on, it looked streaky and wasn’t self-leveling very well. By the third coat, it had evened out nicely. I do not know if this is characteristic of the brand or if it’s just Precious that does this since Precious is the first polish from Seche I’ve tried.


As was to be expected with the Seche Vite name, this dried wicked fast. I made sure to put my bling on top immediately after applying that nail’s top coat so that it would have something to stick to!

The happiest thing to report about this was that I did not see any shrinkage. That is awesome. That just goes to show that sometimes, interchanging brands doesn’t always work because of chemistry and other science-y reasons. Biology? Physics? I’m sure those play a part, too. (I was a business and economics major in college, so cut me some slack…)


You can find more Seche polishes (and WAY more brands, too) at and you can check out all their cool pictures on Instagram And just for one second can we please say how awesome the company’s name is? I kinda wish I would have thought of it first. LOL. I totally would have named my blog that!

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