Betty’s First MDU Stamping Polish

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I finally jumped on the Mundo de Unas wagon! I had been avoiding it for a long time because these polishes are from Mexico and take forever to get to the states! I ordered on December 4th and assumed I wouldn’t see any polish until the new year. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived on December 23rd. That is still a long wait, but not as long as I was expecting!

For this mani, I started with two coats of December 2014. I used MDU Red Wine and a design from the pink Cici&Sisi set.


My first impression is that yes, this polish stamps quite well. It is very thick and plays well with both squishy and firm stampers. In fact, you can’t even really tell a difference. I used squishy on the fingers to your left and firm on the fingers to your right. To me, they look the same crispness so that’s good news! Sounds like you can use whatever stamper you prefer!

One downside is the smell of this polish. It totally reeks. It doesn’t smell like polish, it smells like craft paint. Maybe it is craft paint?? LOL. It has the texture and thickness of paint!


Author: Anne

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