The Easiest Nail Art in the World

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I did this nail art on a day when I was feeling truly lazy. I just had no energy to be creative! Unfortunately, I was going out in public so obviously I had to have some sort of art on my nails!! I decided to take the easy way out… This mani is so simple and easy! I started with two coats of Nailtini Bloody Mary which is one of my favorite reds of all time. Then, I used Simply Swift top coat from from which is super fast drying. Once it was dry (about 10 minutes or less) I used these Pueen flower decals that I got for super cheap from Amazon. Then, I did one more coat of Simply Swift to seal them in. That’s it! All done! The fastest nail art ever!




Simply Swift is so shiny that you can hardly even see the decals! LOL! This many held up quite well through the family events of the day, shining the whole time! And I’m the only one who knew it was soooo easy! ;)

Author: Anne

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