Pretty Serious Cosmetics Killer Fangirl Collection

{Purchased By Me}

I just got the Pretty Serious Cosmetics Killer Fangirl Collection and I’m totally in love. I’m a huge fan of horror movies so I had to get this collection the instant I saw it. I believe it originally released in October 2013, but I could be wrong.

Pretty Serious Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a blue jelly packed with blue and silver glitters and shimmers. At first I was worried that I would need undies, but three coats later, this beauty was nice and opaque. It really does look like a lake on a clear, sunny day!



Pretty Serious Haddonfield

Haddonfield is an orange jelly with lots of orange glitters and a smattering of black glitters. This is exactly what a polish called “Haddonfield” should look like!!! I used three coats for full opacity.




Pretty Serious Elm Street

The great thing about Elm Street is that it’s seasonal for the holidays and nobody knows that it’s based on a horror movie!! Elm Street is a daaaaark red jelly with red and green bar glitters. This formula was a little thicker than the other two, but I still used three coats. I’m not a big fan of bar glitter but they really are the perfect choice to emulate Freddy’s striped sweater.



I have actually already ordered more Pretty Serious polish since I liked these three so much! I got her whole holiday collection! I can’t wait to see what those ones are like in person.

Author: Anne

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