Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Swatches

{Purchased by Me}

I saw a new display from Sally Hansen!! What a great day! :) This is their new velvet texture collection. I picked up three of the colors that spoke to me.

Sally Hansen Plush

Plush is an aqua color. I love the texture of these polishes. It’s a mix between a super fine texture and a satin finish. It’s very unique and I am so glad I decided to pick these up.



Sally Hansen Crushed

Crushed is a medium purple. This is two coats.



Sally Hansen Lavish

Lavish is a dark, dark purple. It’s almost an oxblood color.



For something a little extra for this post, I did some stamping over Lavish. I used Pueen plate 73 and Sally Hansen Sterling Silver. The velvet texture shows through the stamped polish which I really like. I have more stamping using Plush and Crushed coming up later this month so make sure you’re following me somehow so you don’t miss it!



Author: Anne

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