Essence Fall/Winter 2014 Selections


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I reached out to Essence a couple weeks ago asking if I could be emailed when new collections were coming out. Essence is one of my favorite drugstore brands! Much to my delight, they offered to send me some selections from their Fall/Winter 2014 offerings. I’ve seen these in my local grocery store and my Ulta over the past few months, so they should still be available where Essence polishes are sold. I love Essence because it’s so inexpensive, yet still manages to be great quality! Plus, their color offerings are gorgeous, especially in their limited edition collections. I don’t know if you remember their Superheroes collection from last summer, but I drove to about 6 stores looking for them!! That’s brand dedication right there. (Or a serious polish addiction…but let’s call it brand loyalty, ok?)

Essence Party in a Bottle

Party in a Bottle is a sea green glitter topper. I layered it over one coat of black. I did two coats of Party in a Bottle. You might be able to do four coats of just the glitter to get a serious glitter bombs happening on your nails. The glitter to suspension base ratio is quite good. You get a ton of glitter on the brush.



Essence Party Crasher

Party Crasher is a purple micro-glitter. I layered two coats of Party Crasher over black. You could easily do three coats of Party Crasher and not need a base color at all! There is a ton of glitter in the bottle and the brush picks up a lot of it.



Essence Candy Crush

Candy Crush is from their matte collection. This formula is a little on the thick side. I love how this coral color looks, but I would say it’s more of a satin finish rather than a matte finish. It doesn’t have the high shine of creme polishes, but it’s not as dull as many other matte finishes – it’s somewhere in between. I actually love satin finishes, so that’s ok with me! ;)


Essence Glitz & Glam

Glitz & Glam is a gorgeous glitter topper that would look great over any color. It has pink glitter in it but also mother-of-pearl shimmers. It gives any creme a really unique and beautiful finish. This is two coats over a base of white.



Essence Baby You’re a Firework

Baby You’re a Firework is part of their sparkling sand texture. This one is super sheer so I layered it over white. It is a very light pink and the texture is super fine. If you don’t like texture, just put a topcoat on this one and it will be smooth.



Essence Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out is going to be added to their regular line, I believe. It’s a fuchsia shimmer. I totally love this color!



Thanks again to Essence for sending these polishes my way. It’s an honor to work with them. I’m a huge fan!

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