Snowy Sweater Nail Art

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It’s still freezing here so I’ve been wishing I had some nice warm sweaters I could wear. But I want ones that are super girly so that they fit my style! Since I don’t own anything like that, I can at least do girly sweater nail art, right?! The only problem is now  I really want a sweater that looks like this! Haha!!

I started with three coats of Glitter Daze That’s So Fetch from her Mean Girls collection. I won it in a giveaway from the Digital Dozen! This is a gorgeous light pink holo. I did three coats because I wanted to ensure my visible nail line was all covered up.

Once dry (I used Simply Swift top coat from to speed things along), I used Vivid Lacquer plate VL035 which has a lovely snowflake sweater design on it. I used Konad white to stamp. I love how it turned out!




Here’s what GlitterDaze That’s So Fetch looks like all on its own. Isn’t it a lovely pink??



Thanks for stopping by today! And if anyone knows where I can get a sweater like this, please let me know!

Author: Anne

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