Mango Bunny Polish Debut Collections

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Today’s collection of swatches are the debut collections of Mango Bunny Polish.  I was given these polishes by one of the creators, Ed, to swatch and share with you! I am very impressed with the formula on all of these polishes. Sometimes with a new indie, there are a few formula issues as they are still working things out. It is clear that the creators, Ed and Malissa, spent a ton of time testing their formula. I had no issues with application. Some of the glitters do sink so I turned the bottles upside down before swatching. They were upside down for about an hour before application. I did not fish for any glitters so what you see in the pictures is the effortless application.


First, let’s look at the collection inspired by My Little Pony. I don’t watch MLP so I can’t make parallels to the show, but I trust that Ed and Malissa named these well! :) The My Little Pony nail polish collection consists of 6 milky cremes with various glitter combinations.

Mango Bunny Polish Yay

Yay is a light yellow with a mix of blue and pink glitters. This picture is three coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Sonic Rainboom

Pinkie Sense is a baby blue creme with a rainbow of glitters. It also has a very subtle shimmer to it! This is two coats. I think this one is my favorite from the My Little Pony collection.


Mango Bunny Polish Pinkie Sense

Pinkie Sense is a light pink creme with blue, yellow, and red glitters This is two coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Faithful Student

Pinkie Sense is a light purple creme with pink, purple, and silver glitters. This is two coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Fabulosity

Fabulosity is the only one in a clear-ish base. This is three coats and you can still see how sheer it is. This would be a good polish for a nude look. At first I didn’t really like it, but then I stamped snowflakes on top and it really spoke to me. I was going to do the snowflakes art as a separate post, but I really wanted to show you so you can really see how gorgeous Fabulosity can be.


This snowflake design is from this Cici&Sisi stamping plate collection.



I was also curious to see what Fabulosity would look like over black. This is one coat over one coat of black creme polish. I think it gives it a cool galaxy nails effect!!


Mango Bunny Polish Sugar Cube

Sugar Cube is an orange creme with red and green glitters. I’m impressed that they put red and green together and it doesn’t look like Christmas! This is two coats.


Now we’re going to look at the Bunny Collection which is a collection of three jelly polishes packed with different white glitters!

Mango Bunny Polish Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny is a mustard yellow jelly with white glitters. The formula on this is extremely impressive even if it’s not the most flattering color on me. :) This is three coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Plum Bunny

Plum Berry is a royal purple jelly. The truest color of this polish is what you see near my cuticle line. It  gets off colored a touch as you go down my nail due to the staining I have. I was going to swatch it over white, but in speaking with Ed, neither of us liked how it looked over white. So focus on the color by the cuticle. This is two coats.


Mango Bunny Polish Fern Bunny

Fern Bunny is an evergreen jelly with white glitters, including some really fun triangle glitters. This one is not only my favorite of the Bunny Collection, it’s my favorite of them all!! In my experience, not a lot of indies produce jellies. These jellies are just awesome and I seriously hope Ed and Malissa make a lot a lot a lot more of them.


I would love to know your thoughts on this collection! It’s their first release so I know feedback is going to be important to them. Do you have any favorites? Are there any you’re going to try?
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