Orly Explosion of Fun Nail Art

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On a whim, I grabbed Orly Explosion of Fun at Sally Beauty last weekend. This is part of their sparkle holiday collection. Explosion of Fun is a clear base jam-packed with pink and purple glitters. I wasn’t too impressed with it in the bottle. In fact, I’ve been staring at it all week wondering why I bought it. Finally, I decided to give it a try. I figured that pink/purple always looks good on black, so I layered it on top of black. This is ONE coat on top of two coats of black!! Er. Mer. Gerd. I frickin’ love it!

Are you seeing this? Do you love this as much as I do? And you should see it in direct light!!! It’s like a pink and purple disco ball. It is blowing my mind.



  I decided to do a little stamping on top. I picked a design that would still let the awesomeness of Explosion of Fun shine through. This is from the white set if Cici&Sisi plates. I used my trust Konad Black to stamp.



This mani is super simple, but I love it so much!

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