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Modere sent me a complimentary box of their skin care line to test and review for you. I have been using these products for one week. Modere is launching a new service called the beauty box. This service allows you to try their whole skin care line using samples from the box. The box also contains the full sized products. If you use the samples and don’t like the skincare, you simply return the unopened full sized products and that’s it! (There is already a pre-printed return slip in the box so this step is quite easy). If you love all the products, you keep them all! After the 7th day, Modere will charge you $79.99+tax. If you only like some of the products, you can return what you don’t want and they will charge you only for the products you keep. At first, I thought $80+ for a box of skin care was pretty pricey. But then I remembered that I just bought a single bottle of face wash for $35 so I really shouldn’t judge! LOL!!

My box was sent through their marketing department so I can’t review the ordering process, but their website seems easy to use and navigate. The day before my order was to arrive, I received a very nice voicemail letting me know it was almost at my door and that they hoped I would love everything. I can only assume this courtesy call is made to all customers.

The packaging is very nice and deluxe-feeling. I will probably re-purpose the black and pink box it came in! At the top of each full-sized item, you have the matched sample size. I put a quarter in the middle so you could get a sense of the size.

Modere-Skincare-reviews - Copy

The box comes with a booklet explaining what each product does and how to use it. Here is an example from the page for the exfoliant.

Modere-skincare-box - Copy


You are about to see pictures of me with literally NOOOO makeup on. These pictures are not for the faint of heart! Proceed with caution!!!!!!


Here is my full-face shot. You can see I have a ton of blemishes and redness. Thank God for foundation and concealer, right??? The box contains an exfoliant, to be used 2-3 times/week, Anti-Aging Serum to be used twice daily, Antioxidant Gel to be used 2x’s after cleansing twice daily (yes, two coats), Dual Action Eye Gel to be used twice daily, and an Antioxidant Hair Serum.

You will still need your cleanser and moisturizing lotion. The products in this box are basically everything in between cleansing and moisturizing.

Modere-Before-and-After - Copy

This is my ‘good side’. My skin here is mostly clear with a few scars from old zits.

Modere-Skincare - Copy

This is definitely my bad side.  I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I was editing these photos! Nothing like a macro of your bare skin to make you feel self-conscience!!  If you’re ever having an ugly-feeling day, just come read this post. LOL.  Here were are seeing a LOT of blemishes, redness, and just an overall sallow appearance.

Modere-Reviews - Copy

At the request of Modere, I used the products twice daily for one week and took pictures of my change.




Here are the side by side before and after pics so that you don’t have to keep scrolling up and down. :)


I’m sad to say that I don’t see much of a difference. My bad side still looks bad and my good side is still pretty clear. However, there are a lot of things I do like about the products. They smell quite nice, especially the antioxidant gel. It smells like oranges! Yum! My skin feels softer as well. Another great thing is that this is good for sensitive skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and a lot of products will give me a rash. This one did not! So I think it’s worth trying for sensitive skin people as well.

My favorite product is actually the hair serum! It made my hair feel quite soft and shiny and it’s a product I will likely purchase more of in the future. That is really saying something since normally I hate things on my hair!

Thanks again to Modere for letting me review this box!

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