China Glaze Twinkle Holiday Collection

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China Glaze sent me their holiday collection to show you! This collection is full of 12 polishes that you can pair to make pretty much any holiday nail art your heart desires!





China Glaze No Peeking!

No Peeking! is a shimmery dark purple. The formula on this one is quite nice. This is two coats.



China Glaze I’d Melt for You

I’d Melt for You is a very shiny metallic silver. I don’t have a top coat on in this picture! On top of that, you can hardly see any brushstrokes which is unique for a metallic. Hooray! Really nice job, China Glaze!


China Glaze De-Light

De-Light is a gold glitter in a clear base. I thought it would look cooler than it does over the silver. But, I do like the frosty, wintery look of this! De-Light would also look fantastic over red or green for the perfect, easy holiday mani!


China Glaze Chillin’ with my Snow-Mies

First, let’s acknowledge how awesomely hilarious this name is! Chillin’ with my Snow-Mies? LOL! This is two coats over No Peeking! Chillin’ is a white hex glitter in a clear base. I did have to help it out a little bit by dabbing some of the larger glitters on, but that wasn’t too hard.



China Glaze Tip Your Hat

Tip Your Hat is a classic creme red. It just wouldn’t be a holiday collection without this classic shade!



China Glaze Dancing & Prancing

Dancing & Prancing is a multi-colored, multi-sized glitter bomb! I show it here over Out Like a Light. You could really layer this a few time to make a monster glitter bomb!



China Glaze December to Remember

December to Remember is probably my #1 pick in thisĀ  collection. It’s a silvery blue with purple shimmers in it.



China Glaze Feeling Twinkly

Feeling Twinkly is a micro blue glitter in a clear base. I have it here over I’d Melt For You. This one is super pretty! It will be great for holiday glitter manicures, but will also be useful all year round.



China Glaze Out Like a Light

Out Like a Light is a dark gray creme. This is a very interesting choice for a holiday collection. However, I find that it’s a nice complement to the other vibrant colors and glitters in the collection. You could even put Chillin’ With my Snow-Mies on top to create a person, foggy snowstorm!



China Glaze Define Good…

Define Good…is a cranberry shimmer. I love this one as a non-traditional take on red for the holiday season. It’s quite classy!




China Glaze Pine-ing For Glitter

Pine-ing For Glitter is a clear base packed with tiny green glitters. It’s so festive!! This is the perfect addition for a holiday collection. I show it here over Tip Your Hat.



China Glaze Meet Me Under the Stars

Meet Me Under the Stars is a black jelly with silver, slightly holographic, glitters. This is a clear, starry night in a bottle! At the first coat, I was worried about coverage, but it built up really well with the second coat.



Ok! So that’s the collection! What do you think? Will you be searching for any of these?

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