Sunny’s Body Products Fall 2014 Limited Edition Box

My long awaited Sunny’s Body Products Fall 2014 Limited Edition Box is here! (Long awaited in the sense that I found out it existed a few weeks ago and couldn’t *wait* until it got to my front door! This season’s theme is pumpkin and my oh my do I love the smell of pumpkin!!! I’m a huge sucker for fall scents so obviously I’m crazy about this box. Let’s take a look…



Sunny’s Seasonal Boxes are $22 in her Store Envy shop, here. This box came with six awesome products!

The Lip Balm is Pumpkin Pecan flavored! It’s like having Thanksgiving pie on your lips…without the calories!



The Intensive Cuticle Oil is Caramel Apple scented! How delightful is that? Not only do you get pecan pie with chapstick, but you get memories of warm apple cobbler with caramel with this one!


Sunny's Intensive-Oil



The Hand Cream is Pumpkin Apple Butter scented and is my favorite of the bunch. It’s like fall in a jar! There’s the classic fall fruits – apples, cherries, and pumpkin, but there is also scents of the classic fall seasonings – cinnamon and nutmeg and vanilla! Fabulous!!! If only these weren’t limited edition! I also love the texture of this cream. It’s thick and creamy and feels fancy and luxurious.



The Cuticle Oil is called Autumn Harvest. It’s aroma is of vanilla and apples with a twist of cinnamon and pumpkin. Another perfect fall blend! The only criticism I have is that I really don’t like plastic roller balls. I don’t feel like I get enough product out. I strongly prefer metal roller balls. But otherwise, this is wonderful!



Sunny’s Miracle Balm is Pumpkin Crunch Cake! More awesome pumpkin smells with butter and pecans. Mmmmm…. I’m seriously going to need to get some pie!




The Hand Sugar Scrub is called Autumn Mums. I love Sunny’s hand scrubs. They are super exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time. My hands are noticeably smoother after a scrubbing. This is a more fall floral aroma.



I highly recommend checking out Sunny’s Body Products, especially the seasonal boxes. It’s a ton of amazing product for $22. I don’t even think I’ll use it all up before it’s time for the next amazing box!!

Author: Anne

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