How to Fix Stamping Pressure!


Today’s article is brought to by request of a Facebook fan! She was asking me how to tell if you’re using the right pressure when scraping the plate. Today’s article is going to answer that question! I intentionally picked a design that has a wide open area so that it’s easier to see what we’re going for. We will be focusing on this teapot design from Cici&Sisi Plate 14.



Here is an example of not enough pressure. This is still way too much polish on the design.



Here is what that will look like on your stamper. It’s all flooded and smeared.


This example is way too much pressure. It was so much pressure that it scraped out some of the design!


So on the stamper, you don’t even have a design!


This third example is getting slightly better. The design is mostly filled in. But see how there is still some polish missing in the center of the teapot?


This is what it looks like when you are still removing too much polish. There is a big gap in the middle of the design.


This is perfect pressure! You want the scraper (I use an old hotel key card which is like a credit card) to glide over the top of the design. You’re not pressing very hard. If you need to, you can swipe over the design again at a different angle.


Now we have a filled in teapot! Hooray!


I hope this short and sweet article was helpful! Please let me know what you want to see next!

Author: Anne

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