NYC Midnight Beauty Face of the Day

{Press Sample}

I received this NYC palette as a press sample from NYC so I could show you some makeup looks with it! This palette is the NYC Vampiress palette which is part of their limited edition Halloween collection. I did arm swatches of the shades here.

Today’s look is meant to be a normal, every day look. I know this is more makeup than a lot of people would wear to work, but this is actually something I did wear to work! This is my normal amount of makeup. LOL. I loooove makeup! Keep in mind, however, that I am not a makeup artist. I’m a normal person who actually works in information technology during the day. :) So this is meant to be a look for the normal girl by a normal girl!

I used all four shades shown below. I started with the illuminator all over. I didn’t use the primer because I learned from my swatches that the primer makes the colors superĀ  vibrant. Since I’m doing a daytime look, I wanted them toned down a little on purpose.




Here’s the full face pic! I used the highlighter shade all over. Then, I used the “All Over Lid” shade just in the crease because I’m a rebel like that. Then, I actually blended it toward the corner of the eye so it worked as both my all over lid and my crease shade.



I used NYC black eyeliner as my eyeliner, which I received as a press sample last summer. Then, using an eyeliner brush, I used the black eyeshadow to blend it in.






On the lower lashline, I used the purple NYC Eyeliner which I received as a press sample a few months ago. Then, using an eyeliner brush, I used the dark purple shade (labeled ‘crease’ above) to blend that so it wasn’t a harsh line.



What’s she looking at? Must be fun because she’s smiling. Maybe it’s a bird? Like a bluejay or something?


I hope you liked today’s ‘safe for work’ look! I hope to do a more costumey look soon…but I can only do that on a day I’m not leaving the house. LOL. At least until it’s actually Halloween! I would love some constructive, nicely phrased advice on my eyebrows. I pretty much hate them. It’s tough because the hairs are long, but they are sparse. Thin, sparse, and ugly. Sigh. I’m super jealous all the time of other people’s eyebrows. Is that weird?

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