NYC Midnight Beauty Swatches

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Yesterday, I got a box full of Halloween goodness from NYC! They sent me most of their Midnight Beauty collection to swatch and review for you! This is the first of a few posts for this collection since they sent me some eye palettes. I don’t have eye looks in this post so make sure to subscribe so that you’ll be alerted when the makeup looks go live!

For today, I want to show you some basic swatches of this super cool, vampy collection!




NYC Black Elixer is a vampy black creme. This went on smoothly with two coats! This is the perfect black for Halloween. It’s a simply, straightforward glossy black. That’s pretty much a staple!




NYC I am not affRED is a vampy, oxblood dark red. This would be a great color for any bloody Halloween manicures you have planned! If you’re not in the mood for a jet black, this is your next best option. It’s glam and gorgeous! This is two coats.



NYC Rock Muse is a black jelly with two different sizes of silver glitter. I put one coat over Black Elixer in this photo. I think it looks like a starry night! Which is perfect for vampires! I’m pretty sure vampires like starry nights, right?




This is Rock Muse over I am not affRED. You can see that it takes on the ones of whatever polish it’s layered on top of! There is a lot of fun and experimenting to be had with this one!




NYC Animal Extinct is my favorite of the bunch – and that’s really saying something since I don’t usually like oranges. This one has coral shimmers which really add a lot of dimension to the color. I really love the shimmery twist on the classic orange shade. This is the girly version of Halloween!




NYC Vampiress is the purple themed palette for the season.




I did a line of the primer on my arm and the swatched the shadows through it so you could see what they look like with and without primer. It’s pretty obvious that you’ll want to use the primer if you want a very pigmented look. My plan is to do a daytime and an evening look with this palette. Going without primer will help transition this dark palette into some daytime, work-appropriate looks.





NYC Hate the Light is the gray palette for the season! This will be perfect for any smoky eyes you have planned!




Again, I swatched each shadow with and without primer. You can see that the primer makes a big difference in the opacity of the shadows.





I also got sent two of the lipsticks! This is one quick swipe, but they each have buildable coverage.


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