Fairy Tale Finish New Releases!

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Amanda, the creator of Fairy Tale Finish, gave me five of her new releases to show you! Three of these will be part of her regular collection and two (the Twisted Fruits collection) will be limited edition.  You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram!



Fairy Tale Finish Gullible Guppy

Gullible Guppy is a blue, silver, and yellow glitter bomb! This is shown over black polish. I really think it has a lot of dimension and interesting things going on.





Fairy Tale Finish Mischievous Mermaid

Mischievous Mermaid is a green, lavender, silver, and red glitter bomb. At first, I thought it would look Christmasy with the green and red together, but I think the playful pink mitigates that. But, you could easily layer this over a green or a red base and get a gorgeous holiday sparkle going on! I have it layered here over black.







Fairy Tale Finish Phenom-Neon

Phenom-Neon is a milky white crelly with neon glitters. Amanda gave me a mini of this one so here’s the typical awkward mini hand pose. LOL. This one applied easily. I was worried on the first coat because it was so sheer, but it easily built up to what you see here. This is three coats.



Here’s a non-bottle shot so you can see my hand looking less awkward. :)



Fairy Tale Finish Twisted Kiwi

Twisted Kiwi is a lime green crelly with black glitters and heart glitters. I had a hard time getting the heart glitters out, but I kinda like how they are just a bit of an accent. I really think this looks like kiwi! So cool! Keep scrolling….because this baby is glow in the dark!




Hey look! I even managed to get my first-ever glow in the dark polish shots! Hooray for me!




Fairy Tale Finish Twisted Dragonfruit

Twisted Dragonfruit is a pink crelly with black glitters and heart glitters. Just like with Twisted Kiwi, the hearts were hard to fish out. But again, I like them as an accent. And again….you’re in for a treat! This baby is also glow in the dark!!



This doesn’t even do it justice. These polishes are for real like crazy glowy. You’ll just have to buy it so you can see for yourself!


I’d love to know your thoughts on these polishes! Fairy Tale Finish is still pretty new! So, what do you think?

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