Enchanted Polish Autumn and Hot Chocolate for Unicorns

My new Enchanted Polish order finally came this weekend!! It took forever to ship! At least that’s what it felt like. LOL. I managed to pick up Enchanted Polish Autumn and Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate for Unicorns. I love them both! Let’s take a look…

Enchanted Polish Autumn

Autumn is both a duochrome and a holo. It shifts from green to brown, which is super cool considering it’s named Autumn. Very cleverly named!




Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate for Unicorns

Hot Chocolate for Unicorns is a dark brown holo. This one is also aptly named as the brown really does look like delicious hot chocolate! This is the sister color of Water for Unicorns which I am remiss to say that I do not own.




Author: Anne

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