Avon Nail Polish Review

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Avon representative, Mary, was kind enough to send me 5 polishes and a chapstick to show off for you! I picked one polish from each of their finishes. I wanted to show the diversity and range that Avon offers. In my opinion, Avon polishes are highly underrated in the polish world. You don’t read a lot about them, yet they are always so gorgeous and deliver an excellent formula. Some of my favorite polishes are Avon! Plus, they are quite affordable and frequently go on sale! You can find Mary on Facebook HERE! She also has two blogs: http://beautywithmary.com and http://thinkbeautytoday.com






Avon Vintage Boutique

 Vintage Boutique is from Avon’s regular line. It’s a nice, creamy muted brown. It went on quite well. This is two coats.




Avon Jade Reflection

Jade Reflection is from the Metallic Effects collection. This is a green metallic. Believe it or not, this is one coat shown! This polish has all the markings of a good stamping polish. (Hint! Keep scrolling!!)



 I couldn’t help but pair Vintage Boutique with Jade Reflection. I just love brown and green paired together! I used striping tape to section off the top.






Avon Very Berry

Very Berry is from the Gel Finish Collection. This is a rich, deep purple. This is two coats. This formula is a tad thick which makes it trickier than the others, but it is still workable.



I couldn’t help but test out the stamping power of Jade Reflections. You can see that it didn’t do super well, but I did use a squishy stamper. Metallics tend to do best with a firm stamper so I will likely try it again.





 Avon Cherry Dazzler

Cherry Dazzler is from the Stardust Collection. This is a stunner in the light. The stardust texture catches the light and it just sparkles and sparkles!!


Avon Mambo Melon

Mambo Melon is from the Speed Dry Collection. Based on the label, I would presume Avon is claiming this baby dries in 30 seconds. I don’t know about 30 seconds, but it did dry faster than most normal polishes. When I was done painting my 10th finger, my first finger was pretty darn dry. I wouldn’t go shower or anything, but it was safe to the touch.

Mambo Melon is a dark coral, reddish color with some very light shimmer.


Avon Moisture Therapy Chapstick

Avon’s chapstick is quite good! I am totally addicted to chapstick so this was a nice treat thrown in by Mary. It is unscented and goes on in a nice, even layer.


Don’t forget to check out Mary’s Avon sites!! You can find Mary on Facebook HERE! She also has two blogs: http://beautywithmary.com and http://thinkbeautytoday.com

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