Believe in Angels? Believe in Me…. Enchanted Polish Vampires Suck

Happy Thursday, everyone!! It’s time for another edition of Golden Oldies Thursday. Today’s prompt is brown. I was scrolling through my polish excel file and saw Enchanted Polish Vampires Suck. YES. YES. This is the one. I haven’t used it for a year. I swatched it for you originally here. That was a long time ago and I have grown a lot since then!! It was time to bring this beauty out of its box. Vampires Suck is a brown linear holo. This is two creamy, delightful coats. I was actually able to snag a backup bottle in the recent restock so I don’t even have any guilt using it! That’s the perfect storm! I picked a design on my Cici&Sisi plate that would let the majority of Vampires Suck show through. I love pink and brown together, so I selected Sally Hansen Sumac Sonic as my stamping polish.

I’m a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It took me a long time to even like any other vampire lore. I did read some Anne Rice, which I enjoyed. I also watched True Blood through season 4. It just kinda got stupid after that! But I will rewatch Buffy over and over and over again. This means I will officially say that I do not think vampires suck, but I do love this polish!









And in case you want to look at normally formatted photos….. Here are these! But I hope you liked my fun photos, too!!






I really look forward to October so I can flood your blog readers with Halloween and spooky themed nail art! I can’t wait!! I hope you love the fall and Halloween as much as I do!!

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