Essence Dark Romance Collection

I was doing my grocery shopping yesterday and of course that always involves a trip to the nail polish aisle! I saw a new display in the Essence collection called Dark Romance. I was immediately intrigued and grabbed all three polishes! It’s a very vampy and gothic collection with three different finishes.

Essence Dark Romance Collection



Essence Gothic Gold

Gothic Gold is the textured sand finish of the collection. This is two coats. It went on smoothly and dried quickly, as is usual with texture polishes. It’s a nice antique-looking gold so the color fits well with the collection.




Essence Dark Night Starlight

Dark Night Star Light is the shimmer of the collection. I did two coats, but under the bright white lights, it’s clear I needed three. You could probably get away with two if you don’t stick your hand under bright lights, though. :) It’s a lovely gothic purple color with tiny shimmer particles. There was a weird texture element to it a little bit. I’m not sure what that was, but it smoothed out with a top coat.




Essence Red Romance


Red Romance is the star of the collection. It’s a matte finish that is a very vampy, oxblood color. This went on very well in two coats and dried quickly. It’s perfect for the fall!


Essence is sold in Fred Meyer as well as Ulta. Their limited edition collections don’t stay around for too long so if you like any of these colors, be on the lookout!

Author: Anne

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