Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2014 Collection

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Zoya sent me their Fall 2014 Pixie Dust collection to show you! This collection is gorgeous. I am very pleased with the colors and application. You will definitely want to be a ‘texture’ person to wear these. They are very textured. I love it!! All three colors are quite similar in the purple/red family, but they really are different.  It’s the classic “They’re not the same…they’re similar” saying!

Zoya-Pixie-Dust-Fall-2014 Zoya-Pixie-Dust


Zoya Oswin

Oswin is a candy apple red jelly polish packed with textured glitters. This is two coats shown. It dries to a matte finish which allows the glitters to really have a nice contrast against the matte.






Zoya Noir

Noir is the most different of the three. It is a deep, royal purple jelly with textured glitters. This is two coats shown and also dries to a matte finish.






Zoya Arianna

Arianna is a fuchsia colored jelly with textured glitters. Again, two coats that dry to a matte finish.




Do you have a favorite of the three? I’m not sure if I can pick one! They are all so pretty!

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