Gold Nail Art for Challenge Your Nail Art!

Happy Wednesday, dearest reader!! Today’s post is another one in the Challenge Your Nail Art series. This month’s theme is Pirates! and today’s prompt is “Gold and/or Treasure”. I’ll be honest, I was not being very creative with this one. I took the lazy way out and did gold glitter tips. BUT, I did pair it with a polish that reminded me of the sea, so that’s gotta count for something, right??? Pretty please?? I started with two coats of OPI Fly which is a teal crelly polish. Then, I sponged OPI Wonderous Star onto the tips. Wonderous Star is a golden glitter with large black glitters. It’s a very interesting glitter and it reminded me a little bit of sand. How you’ll have the white sand, and then dark blemishes where rocks haven’t been broken down yet. See? It’s totally on the theme…because treasure is buried in sand!! Hey, look at me, being all clever and stuff.

Here is the fabulous OPI Fly all on its own.










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Author: Anne

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