ManGlaze Matte is Murder and Ciate Silhouette

Thanks to TJ Maxx, I was finally able to try Ciate nail polish. I just couldn’t justify the retail prices for it. I’m glad I tried it for $6.99 and not it’s usual $14 pricetag because….it’s just nail polish! :D The formula was good and the color is gorgeous, but it’s not anything better than my usual Sally Hansen. :) I used Ciate Silhouette as a base for this nail art. Then, I used my trusty striping tape in random patterns I painted ManGlaze Matte is Murder on top. I gently pulled off the striping tape and this was the result! I like the vampy look of these two polishes together!

Here is Ciate Silhouette on its own. It’s a dark, dark purple with tiny shimmers in it. I thought it looked more red in the bottle, but I really think it looks purple once it’s on.






Author: Anne

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