Watermarble Nail Art Decals

Today’s mani was an experiment for me. If I can get the technique down a little better, I’ll write (and film?) a tutorial. I discovered this technique on accident. I was trying to do a watermarble and I got frustrated. I had the design in the water, but it was just ugly. So I left my desk and went out to do yard work, leaving the polish in the water as punishment for its misbehavior. Upon my return, I dumped the water out in the trash and the polish slid right off it like it was made of plastic. I was like….What? What is this chemistry magic? It had the consistency of a decal! And then a lightbulb went off above my head. I thought, “I wonder if I could recreate this decal on purpose with a pretty design!” It certainly would save on headache and cleanup!

So that’s how I did this watermarble today. I made the design in the water then let it sit while I ate lunch, folded laundry, etc. Then, I came back, applied a base coat and gently pulled the polish out of the water. (I did one nail at a time so the basecoat is still wet when you apply the decal, otherwise the polish won’t really stick to your nail). I cleaned up and voila! Here is my result. The pinkie nail is a bit messed up, but each nail thereafter gets better and better. I’m excited to try this technique again!

I used Sally Hansen Lively Lilac, Sally Hansen Sumac Sonic, Sally Hansen Black Out, and China Glaze Fairy Dust (of course!).






Author: Anne

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