Finger Paints Masquerade Affair

I had my Sally Beauty birthday coupon in hand when I saw the Finger Paints Masquerade Affair display. I had to get all four to see if they redeemed themselves after the Enchanted Mermaid debacle. Spoiler Alert: THEY TOTALLY DID. I am in love with this collection. It’s unique, interesting, beautiful, no weirdo textures, and has a great formula! Hooray Finger Paints!!!!!


Finger Paints Queen for a Night

Queen for a Night is an amazing blurple. I thought it was blue in the bottle, but there is a ton of purple coming through. It also has a duo-chrome element to it as there is also green that shows itself in some light. Masquerade, indeed. There are also some shimmery elements that are somewhere between a shimmer and a flakie. Big shimmers? I’m not sure what to call them. I know!! SHLAKIES!!! (Shlakies: A word I just made up. Used describe¬† something between a shimmer and a flakie). Either way, they are amazing and wonderful and I want to keep this nail polish on my fingers forever.







 Finger Paints Ball Gown Glamour

Ball Gown Glamour is the green in the collection and it also has the flakie shimmers in it. These are golden shimmers that really make this polish come alive.





Finger Paints Dance Til Dawn

Dance Til Dawn is a purple with shlakies. Again…super lovely. This collection, while small, is well thought out and each polish is gorgeous.







Finger Paints Masked Beauty

Masked Beauty is the least interesting in the collection, but it is still beautiful. It’s a gold with gold flecks. The other polishes have gold flecks but because they’re not also gold, it gives it a nice contrast. Since this is gold on gold, it doesn’t have quite the same effect. However, it’s a lovely gold with a great formula.








Will you be looking for any of these in stores near you?

Author: Anne

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