Enchanted Polish Dark Fantasy, Amazing, and Good Life

I was lucky enough to score three of the four new Enchanted Polish colors in the last announced restock. It really is a rat race!! I know that there are a ton of indie makers who make polish that is just as beautiful. But I seriously have to admit that I love the rush I get when I score a hard to get polish. It’s a high that not even acetone can give me. LOL. I got Dark Fantasy, Good Life, and Amazing. Let’s take a look!


Enchanted Polish Dark Fantasy

Dark Fantasy is a blue/purple polish that actually has a bit of a duochrome element to it, even though it’s really a holo. It looked dark blue on the EP website, but in real life, it’s really a purple/blue. Either way, I think it’s beautiful and I love it.



Here’s Dark Fantasy in my usual lightbox setup.




And now here it is in direct sunlight. This is where the holo really comes alive. You’re also in luck because I rarely have the chance to photograph things in the sun!!




Another sunlight shot, but this time not in direct sun.



Enchanted Polish Amazing

Amazing is a full-coverage gold glitter in a clear base. I used two coats on my pinkie and three on the others. I was almost there with the two coats but it really needs three. My pictures do not do this polish justice at all. It is so shiny and sparkly that the name “Amazing” is perfect for it.  In fact, just don’t even look at the pictures and keep scrolling to the next polish. :P







Enchanted Polish Good Life

I don’t even know how to describe Good Life other than telling you it’s amazing. It’s like a duochrome golden with a hint of green undertones. I was really impressed with the beauty of this one, especially since I didn’t expect to like it.








And there they are! The only one I’m missing is Flashing Lights. I’m pretty sad about that, but I’m not ever going to pay more than retail for an EP, so I’m pretty much SOL on that one. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed today’s swatches!!!

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