Black and White and Red Mani

Greetings lovely reader! I hope you’re doing amazing today. One of my favoritest color combos in the whole world, besides pink and black, is red and black. Hey. Wait a second. Isn’t red just basically super dark pink? Hm…no wonder I love it! I started this mani with two coats of OPI DS Reflection which is a gorgeous holo red (dark pink??). Then, I went off and helped teach a dog class. Thank God for fast dry topcoats, eh? When I returned home, I pulled out one of my favorite stamping plates, Pueen 73 and my Konad Special White polish. Then, I topped with a top coat. I then spent a little time watching Penelope with Christina Ricci. Finally, I taped it off and used OPI 4 in the Morning to give it some rocker black tips. I hope you like it and that it doesn’t look too Christmas-ey for you!

First, we’re going to look at a plain swatch of OPI DS Reflection because it’s pretty much art on its own.




Here’s the mani right after stamping. I liked how it turned out, but thought it looked a little too much like a holiday mani.



In order to keep it from looking like a holiday mani, I taped it off and threw some black in there! Woo! Black!





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Author: Anne

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