Pistol Polish September 2014

Yesterday, my mailman brought me the Pistol Polish September 2014 box! I discovered Pistol Polish a while ago almost on accident. I have really loved their polishes and they are very interactive on their social media and not shy about sharing photos (which of course bloggers love!! LOL). When I opened this month’s box, I saw yellow and purple. I had to RUN to my office to hide them from my husband. You see….it’s not that I have to hide my addiction…it was these colors specifically. My husband is a WSU Cougar and his sworn enemy is the UW Huskies. So here I am, innocently opening a box in the kitchen and I pull out Husky colors!!! Dear God!!!





I love the little cards that Pistol Polish includes with the boxes. They explain why they picked the colors and/or names. Sometimes, they’re even educational! I save all of these cards in the same drawer where I store my Pistol Polish collection. I also like the little pistol charms. But, I will tell you that the elastic keeping them on disintegrates over time so my pistols are falling off the bottles. That’s not a huge deal, but I would prefer that they stay on the bottles as decoration. :)



Pistol Polish Mighty Malala’s Marigold is a bright sunshine yellow. This is a little tricky of a formula and I did need to do three coats. Even still, you can see a little patchiness. This is not normal for Pistol Polish formulas, so I wouldn’t judge the whole brand on this one comment. I can appreciate that the yellow is pretty, but I don’t think it looks good on me.



Pistol Polish Dynamo Dreams is a gorgeous indigo color that isn’t quite blue and isn’t quite purple. This is why the nail polish world invented the word ‘blurple’. :) The formula on this one was great and this color looks way better on me than the yellow does!


I did nail art with both of these so make sure you’re following me somewhere so you won’t miss it! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!!! :*

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