Fairy Dust Saves the Day

I had a super brilliant idea of doing a watermarble and since it was also the theme for Fingerfood Theme Buffet, that worked out in my favor. They seem to have been working out for me recently, so I thought, “hey, why not try it again?” Well…the results are not so great. It looks more like dark blue mud than anything. I used Zoya Ryan, Nyssa, and Margo for this, all three of which I originally received as a press sample from Zoya. I think the colors are just too dark to have worked because you just can’t really see the marble effect. So I slapped on a coat of fairy dust and called it a day! Also, I actually had the one day of sunshine I get per year, so I went outside to take these photos! :)



Here’s what it looked before Fairy Dust happened. See what I mean? Just kinda muddy? You can kinda see the marble effect if you look really hard, but I don’t want you to have to work too hard! :D



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Author: Anne

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