NYC The New Fashion Queen Collection Swatches!!!

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The NYC New Fashion Queen Collection was sent to me by NYC to review for you! I was sent 7 of the 9 new polishes that are made for this collection. You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be scouring local drugstores to find the missing two! I honestly can’t pick a favorite. Each one I put on was very exciting and gorgeous!!! Don’t believe me? Well let’s take a look!


First, I’m going to show you the non-glitter polishes. All swatches are two coats (yes! even the glitters are just two coats!!) with a glossy top coat coat.

NYC Crown Gold

Crown Gold is a metallic gold polish. It has some brownish undertones so that really makes this a great color for the fall.



NYC Royal Chic

Royal Chic is a rich chocolate brown. It almost had a jelly-like consistency. If it wasn’t naturally such a dark color, I bet it would really be a full-blown jelly. I am tempted to try and do some lead-lighting with this one anyway. :) Another perfect color for the fall and a very nice neutral for this collection.



NYC Queen of the City

Queen of the City is a very dark plum with very subtle shimmer in it. It’s a very vampy color and despite my girliness, I really love a good vampy color. I know we’re only three polishes into this collection, but can we just take a moment to appreciate the diversity in the collection? Yet, at the same time, it’s still cohesive? Nicely done, NYC! Nicely done!




NYC Ruby Queen

Now we’re getting into the real stunners. Ruby Queen is a red jelly polish packed with red and light purple glitters. I’m really in love with this one. I’ve had red jelly glitters in my collection before, but none of them compare to this beauty. Especially since you only need two coats!




NYC Rule the City

When I first opened up this one, I thought it was going to be my least favorite. As it turns out, its in a 7-way tie for first place. This is red glitters in a charcoal, metallic base. What? I know! SO unique, right? I really can’t get over how unique and interesting this polish is. I’ve only been in the polish game for a few years, but I don’t recall seeing anything quite like this. I know this is super unique to my quickly growing collection and it will be a prized polish for me to have!




NYC NY Princess

NY Princess is the sister of Ruby Queen in the sense that it’s a jelly full of complementary glitters. This one is a purple jelly with purple glitters. I love this and I can think of a number of bloggers who will NEED this one in their collection. (I’m looking at you, Sheila!)




NYC Fashion Queen

Last, but certainly not least, we have Fashion Queen. This is a golden metallic polish packed with golden glitters. I really love the two-tone theme to this collection. It really makes all of them wearable, but not boring!



When I got this package in the mail, I was originally only going to swatch three of them that night because that’s about all I can do in a work night. However, I was so excited by the collection that I couldn’t stop!!! It was a case of “Ok, I’ll just do one more”….”Ok, really this time….just one more”….until I’d said that enough times in one evening to swatch the whole collection! LOL!!! Which ones of these will you be picking up? (Note that  I didn’t ask IF you were picking any of these up! Haha. These are too pretty and too unique to pass up the whole collection! AmIRight?????) This collection actually made it so that my NYC polishes got promoted to having their own drawer in my Ikea Alex storage unit. That’s a big deal, guys. A really big deal.

Love from my keyboard to yours! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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