Zoya Entice and Ignite Two-Tone Mani

The day I did this mani, I had grand plans of doing some actual nail art. I was expecting a house-cleaner to arrive at 8am. I laid the base down and thought that I could do the art while the cleaners were cleaning. (Don’t think I’m too fancy. I was expecting houseguests and needed a DEEP clean. I don’t normally have people come clean my house!) They were supposed to arrive at 8am. 8:15 rolls around so I text one of them and asked where they were. When I received no reply by 8:30, I called her. She didn’t answer and her voicemail box was full. At 8:45, I called the boyfriend. Luckily, he picked up. They had broken up and she never told him about the appointment! He rushed straight over! But by that point, my parents were already on their way, so I dove in and helped him clean. (I wore gloves so no nails were damaged in the making of a clean house.) However, it does mean that I never got to do art on top of this. SO here you have it, dearest readers, the BASE for some nail art! LOL!

On my outer fingers, I have Zoya Veronica and the middle two have Zoya Teigan.






Author: Anne

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