China Glaze The Giver Swatches Part 2

I swatched six of the China Glaze The Giver collection polishes here, in this post, and I liked my press samples so much that I went out to Sally Beauty to find the rest! These ones were purchased with my own money. :P I even went to three different stores to find them!

China Glaze Release

Release is another in the collection that is in the gray creme family, but has a different undertone. In this case, it’s a very light purple. In the book, release basically means you get whacked. Or at least that’s what I remember from last time I read it! This light purple brings to mind peace, so perhaps that’s the take on this color. Peaceful release.


China Glaze History of the World

History of the World is a dark blue creme. I’m re-reading the book right now, but I haven’t gotten far enough to draw any similarities yet, but the color is rich and gorgeous!




China Glaze The Outer Edge

The Outer Edge is a simple white glitter. I’ve layered it here over History of the World. This is one coat, so you could totally build it up to have a white glitter bomb.




China Glaze Seeing Red

Seeing Red is a creamy bluish red. It’s not quite a classic apple red. I have a ton of reds in my collection, but there’s something about this one that I really like.


China Glaze New Birth

New Birth is another off white in the collection. The first one I swatched like this was Friends Forever, Right? This one is slightly blue-toned but mostly white.


China Glaze Capacity to See Beyond

Capacity to See Beyond is my favorite in the collection. The robin’s egg blue is delightful! It’s so cheerful and hopeful!


And there you have the whole collection! Which one is your favorite?

Author: Anne

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