China Glaze The Giver Swatches

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China Glaze sent me half of the new China Glaze Giver Collection to review and show you! I announced the original press release in this post and I was very happy when China Glaze offered to send me some!  The Giver was one of my favorite books in middle school. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t read it since middle school! As soon as I’m done writing this post, I’m going to go check it out for my Kindle, though! It’s actually available for only a few dollars right now on Amazon! Ok, without further delay, let’s take a look at this new collection!



China Glaze Friends Forever, Right?

Friends Forever, Right? is a very, very, very light pink. It’s almost white, but it does have the spark of pink underneath it. While I haven’t seen the movie, I can try and rely on my memories of the book. I do think this collection did a great job of capturing the essence of color (or lack of!) in the world from the story. When the main character is throwing the apple in the cafeteria, he sees it flash something…different. Perhaps this light pink was it. Just the slightest hint of color when you’re used to just seeing white.


China Glaze Five Rules

Five Rules is a dove gray creme. This is probably the third color that the people can see. Black, white, and gray. LOL. The gray has the slightest hint of green undertones.



China Glaze Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage

Intelligence, Integrity, & Courage is a light blue-gray creme. Like with Friends Forever, Right? I imagine this is what the colors might have first looked like when the characters start to see them. Still grayish, but with that hint of color where you’re not sure if it’s gray or blue.


China Glaze Community

Community is a dark brown creme. My memory is failing me now and I can’t draw any analogies to the book. Here’s what I can say: Brown is very much in style for nail polish this coming fall. All the major brands are releasing gorgeous chocolatey browns in their collections, and China Glaze is no exception!


China Glaze Givers Theme

Givers Theme is one of the only vibrant color polishes in the collection. The other one is Capacity to See Beyond which I will certainly be adding to my collection ASAP. Givers Theme is a vibrant royal purple.


 China Glaze Boundary of Memory

Boundary of Memory is one of two glitters in the collection. The other one is The Outer Edge, which I will also be looking for ASAP! This is a black, amber, and gold glitter. This baby is full-coverage! I sponged it onto the tips over Givers Theme to create this look, but you could certainly apply two full coats and have some serious glitter-bombing going on!



What are your thoughts on this new collection? Are you going to see the movie??

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