Julep August 2014 Wanderlust Collection

I haven’t gotten a Julep box in a long time, but when I saw the August 2014 Wanderlust collection, I just had to have the whole thing! I’m a greedy little polish pig! I ordered the Core Classics box with the Polish Lover’s Upgrade. I also added a few add-on items. Julep has been doing a promotion where if you buy three add-ons, they throw in something free. This month, it was two of the eye primers. Nice!

Edit: After I published this, Julep contacted me to let me know that they have recently re-vamped their colors page.  If you’re interested in perusing their full collection, you can check it out here: http://www.julep.com/shop/nail-polish.html


Julep India

A shimmer duo-chrome. This one is breathtaking. It quickly achieved ‘favorite’ polish status. I think Julep must also be working on their formula because it wasn’t a goopy mess like some of their past polishes have been!


Julep Queen Anne


Queen Anne is the anniversary polish for Julep’s three years of business. It’s a full-coverage purple holographic glitter. This is two coats with no base coat! The second picture is direct sunlight.



Julep Kirti


Kirti is a shimmery sunset orange. This is two coats.


Julep Katie


Katie is a shimmery dark lilac. This is two coats. The shimmer looks like it has a blue tone, which is a very pretty effect.


Julep Joyce

Joyce is a shimmery red.  The shimmers look like silver. This is two coats. This color reminds me a little of the holidays, actually! So it will come in handy in a few months. :P


Julep Tammi

Tammi is a shimmery green. The shimmers look like a different toned green. When I swatched this collection on swatch sticks, I thought this would be the one I like the least, but in fact, I think I like it the most! It’s unique to my collection and I’m actually pretty excited about the color!


Julep Avni


Avni is a dark, royal purple with shimmer. This picture makes it look more blue than it is in real life. It really is purple!



Julep Neha


Neha is a dark, dark pink with shimmers. I need to re-state that Julep’s formula seems to have improved since I last got a box from them. I had no issues with application at all, whereas in the past it was a little too thick.


Julep Tazeen


Tazeen is a full-coverage glitter BOMB. I did not know that when I was applying it! I thought it would be more like a topper. Therefore, I left Neha on and put Tazeen on top. This was not necessary and actually looks pretty stupid. :P Tazeen would have been full-coverage on it’s own….and it would be serious about it!



Julep Waleska


Waleska is another instant favorite. This one is indescribable, but I’m going to try. It’s a deep sea green with a blue tone and golden shimmers. But really, it’s like the ocean on a stormy day. Or like how I image the lakes in heaven look like.


Julep Sushmita


Sushmita was the featured add-on for the month. This one has a silk finish, which I love. I did not apply a topcoat. I think this polish is very pretty!


What do you think about this month’s collection?? Are you as crazy about it as I am??

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