China Glaze All Aboard Swatches

While I was at Sally Beauty the other day, I was intrigued by a few polishes from the China Glaze All Aboard collection. They have a lot a gorgeous purples, but surprisingly, I didn’t buy any! I really wanted to try and pull some that were unique to my collection, and I just have ton of purples already! Let’s take a look at what I got.

First, we have China Glaze Lug Your Designer Baggage. This finish appears like worn leather. It’s very cool. This buy was risky for me because Maybelline tried a similar look last year and I hated it. Just hated. But, this is the opposite! I think this looks very cool and for some reason, reminds me specifically of Louis Vuitton bags.


China Glaze Mind the Gap is an olive color with green shimmers. I don’t have anything like this at all so I’m pleased I got it. I almost didn’t because the color didn’t look that attractive in the bottle, but I really like how it looks on! This one is on the sheer side. I show it with two coats, but I think it really needs three as you can still see visible nail nail line.


China Glaze Stop That Train! is an orange-red almost duochrome. It’s kinda shimmery, kinda duochrome. Either way you describe it, I think it’s super pretty.


China Glaze Well Trained is a teal-blue creme. This went on like a dream. I think this is my favorite application of the ones I purchased. It’s also just a classic kind of shade.


China Glaze Choo-Choo-Choose You! certainly has an amusing name. :) It’s a shimmery duochrome. This one deserves two pictures because I want you to be able to see the color shift. It moves from a dark purple to a greenish color. It’s gorgeous!



Author: Anne

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